Colin Miesch

Colin Miesch

July 16, 2022 Written by AC

We very much regret to announce that Colin Miesch passed away last month. He had been in poor health for some time. He will be sorely missed by many and remembered with great fondness for his wit and intellect.

He was the first BWPA President to agree to organise the London Pulp Week Symposium with Hawkins Wright and was always a great supporter of the BWPA.

“Colin was great company and a very amusing raconteur – we will miss him.

Roger Wright

“A very sad loss indeed. Colin was not only a great raconteur, but also multi-lingual and a clever mimic. I can recall an occasion when he wowed us all with an imitation of not only Peter Ustinov’s Poirot, but also the sound of an air cello. Colin was also an accomplished archer. A skill displayed at BWPA sports events, but perhaps not good enough to imitate William Tell!”

Rodney Clarke

“He was a gentleman and very appreciated by professional colleagues. His generous and open attitude towards people made him many friends. He was truly attached to the profession and a leading personality and will be missed by many of us.”

Per-Henrik Nordin