FOR FOREST- An art intervention

FOR FOREST- An art intervention

May 22, 2019 Written by AC

The artist Max Peintner inspired the project

BWPA member, Forest Inc, is supporting a temporary art project by Klaus Littmann.

Inspired by a drawing by the artist Max Peintner, the project will display a living temporary forest on the football pitch in Klagenfurt near Woerthersee, Austria. the stadium was built for the European Football Championship, EURO 2008. While it no longer serves as an international meeting point for football, it makes an ideal venue for the forest project, creating a metaphor for the modern world and the need to raise awareness to respect and care for forests and the environment. The FOR FOREST project will open on the 8th of September 2019 and will last until the beginning of November, during which time the forest will transform into all its autumn glory. By making the forest the centre of attention, the project’s authors hope it will become synonymous with global care for forests and offer a chance for the forest industry to present itself to a broad public as well as to important and influential communities. Forest Inc says it is proud to have been invited to join the project and is excited to play a part in making it happen.

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